Snippets Done Right

Snippets Done Right is a WordPress plugin. It allows you to create snippets in over 100 programming languages and choose between 32 highlighter themes.

Download from or GitHub.

The front-end and back-end are powered by ACE Editor.

You can write your code snippets directly in the WordPress admin area, as you would in any other code editor.

All snippets are available for embedding into posts, pages and custom post types via an Embed Snippet button in the standard WordPress content editor. Snippets are embedded as shortcodes.

Done right means…
Seamless integration into your WordPress. No ads. No donate buttons. No backdoors.

To Do

Future versions of the plugin will include:

  • Snippet sharing – built-in gist-like share functionality for your code
  • Create snippets directly from the Embed Snippets dialog
  • Support multiple code highlighters (currently only ACE)
  • Integrate with Github Gist, and others