Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do i need to compile Viewnior?

    Viewnior depends on GTK+ 2 and Exiv2.

  • Is Viewnior available for Windows/MacOSX?

    At this time no. Viewnior is tested under GNU/Linux only.

  • What are the supported file formats?

    Viewnior is built on top of GDK-PixBuf. Please refer to the documentation for your current version.

  • Does Viewnior support WebP format?

    Viewnior is built on top of GDK-PixBuf, which does not support WebP files (to my knowledge). Please refer to the documentation for your current version of GDK-PixBuf.

  • How can I help?

    As on open-source software, Viewnior is nothing without You. Clone the project on GitHub and create a Pull Request. I review those occasionally.

  • I have an idea/suggestion. How can I share it with you?

    You can file an issue on GitHub.

  • How can I translate Viewnior?

    You can do that on Launchpad. I import all translations once before each release.
    If you are interested in translating every new release, you can follow the Announcements feed.

  • Where is “Set As Wallpaper”?

    Wallpaper support for GNOME 3, GNOME 2, XFCE, LXDE, FluxBox, Nitrogen, and Puppylinux is available since Viewnior 1.2.
    In older versions it is an optional feature (disabled by default), which can be enabled by running ./configure –enable-wallpaper. Note that (before Viewnior 1.2) this works only under GNOME environment.